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Why You Should Be Obsessed with Hip Mobility

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To keep it simple, we sit a lot, which is why training hip mobility is soooo important!

I know you hear me say happy hips = happy life all the time, but it is so true! And in order to have happy hips, they need to move well.

Our hips have a very important role. They provide a stable base of support for our spine, but they also connect our legs to our torso and allow for movement to happen. That means they not only have to be strong, but they also have to move optimally to be prepared for whatever coffee table comes out of nowhere.

It’s a hard balance to find, but don’t worry- I am here to help!

Why should you care?

1. If your hips can’t move well, another body part is going to pick up the slack- making you more injury prone. 

The importance of hip mobility isn’t just for the sake of having healthy hips. Tight and restricted hips can have a domino effect throughout the entire body. Yes, that means hip issues can show up in your ankles, knees, and your back!

Take walking for example. Walking requires our hip joint to be able to extend, meaning our leg to move backwards.  If your body lacks that range of motion, your hips will rotate and your lower back will extend to try to make up for that restriction. Those repetitive compensations will be felt in the ankles, knees and especially the lower back.

2. We generally under-train our hips- causing imbalances. 

Our hip joints are ball & socket joints, which mean they are meant to move in all directions- flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, circumduction, internal rotation & external rotation. But everyday life tends to favor hip flexion and hip extension (the forward and back movement of the leg) and for most of us, the modern life style is heavy on the sitting with not enough movement.

In my experience, internal rotation tends to be the least trained movement of the hips. This leads to muscle imbalance and can cause simple daily tasks to become more difficult. 

Do you struggle with getting up/down from the floor or getting up from sitting in a chair?

If so, improving hip internal rotation will be a game-changer. When we go into a squat position, it requires the thigh to internally rotate in the hip joint. If your joint doesn’t have the capacity to move in that way, your body will compensate and find another way. This is where its common to see your knees falling in, your hips shifting or your lower back rounding- all creating excess stress in the body.

3. Improved Strength!

When your hip joint can move well, it allows for your muscles to engage through their full range of motion as intended. This allows for more power, better agility, and overall more efficient movement.

So, how do you improve this? 

It’s simple- start by moving your hips in circles. Feel the ball rotating in the socket and let that guide your movement.  

You can do it standing on one leg while holding on to your dresser, on your hands & knees, or side-lying. I recommend starting with side-lying!

Pay attention while you’re doing it!

  • Make sure your spine isn’t getting involved to try to make the circle bigger. Abs are key!
  • Move deliberately through your full range of motion & try to increase your range with each repetition. It should take some effort! No floppy circling allowed!

Are you a visual learner? Me too 🙋 

Check out my post for more details!  

Looking for more help keeping your hips happy & healthy? 

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