What are the Benefits of Doing Virtual Pilates Sessions?

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If you had asked me pre-pandemic about teaching virtual sessions, I won’t lie- I would have laughed and said no way would I ever do that! The thought of not having my hands as a tool to help gently guide people and give tactile feedback seemed so strange to me. Then Covid-19 hit, and it completely changed the world, especially the fitness industry. We all had to step out of our comfort zones, not only to survive in our businesses, but also to stay connected with each other as the world went into lockdown in one of the scariest events that most have ever gone through.  

So I started teaching Virtual Pilates sessions out of necessity, but it turns out, I actually really enjoy doing it. And the results I have seen from my clients have been incredible!

I, of course, had to put myself in the shoes of my clients to find out what they were experiencing. My clients getting what they need is always my number one priority. I started taking classes from several different instructors, people I normally would never have access to because they are located in other states. What I experienced was unexpected. I thought it would be weird not being in the same room as my teacher, but I found it comforting to be able to put in my AirPods and tune into the instructor’s voice and my body. There were no other distractions around me, so I felt like I could really focus on what I was doing and feeling. Participating in the virtual sessions has helped make me more consistent with my own personal Pilates practice. Normally I would never have time to drive to another studio and take class when I was finished teaching, but now that commuting isn’t an issue, I have more time- and time is everything! I don’t feel like I have to sacrifice working with a client in order to workout my own body.

Virtual sessions have truly helped me take better care of myself, and I have seen that for my clients as well. As someone who has been both taking and teaching virtual Pilates classes for over 2 years now, here are some of the benefits of virtual Pilates sessions that I have experienced firsthand, seen from my clients, and the feedback that my clients have given me.

1.     More consistent!

Since people no longer have to worry about a commute with Virtual sessions, they are able to take more time for themselves and are feeling stronger and healthier because of it. When commute time was a factor, clients could maybe only manage 1-2 sessions a week. Now I am seeing people making more time for taking care of their bodies. The convenience of being able to exercise in their homes or even in their offices at work has been a game changer!

2.     More Mind-body awareness!

Prior to trying Virtual Pilates sessions, I thought that not having my hands to provide tactile feedback would be a negative and my clients would have a hard time making corrections. I was completely wrong! Since clients can’t rely on my hands for tactile feedback, it has really forced them to get more in-tune with their body. They listen more closely, they internalize the cues, and can feel the work much deeper.

3.    More Relaxed!

Since clients have more time, and don’t have to stress about a commute, the sense of rushing and urgency has significantly lessened. No more feeling panicked about traffic, or if a meeting ran longer than planned, or needing extra time to change once they drove to the studio from work. Clients are more relaxed and focused for their sessions, which makes them better able to connect into their bodies.

4.   More focus & less distractions!     

I used to work in a busy studio where multiple instructors would teach clients at the same time. It honestly did not seem distracting at the time, however since working with people when they are comfortable in their own environment, and there aren’t other people talking around them, they are able to focus on their workouts even better!

5.   More dedication! 

Location no longer affects your ability to keep up with your personal practice and get your workouts in. You can go on vacation and never miss a workout! I have a client who bought an RV and drove around the country and would still do his Pilates sessions every week.  You can workout from anywhere- as long as you have a good WIFI connection! You no longer have to worry about taking a trip, and losing all the progress you have been making in your fitness goals. You are free to travel the world, cross things off your bucket list, enjoy your life, and stay strong while doing it!

6.   More friendships!

Virtual group classes offer the chance to develop new friendships with people who live across the country, or even across the world, that you may not have met otherwise! You are no longer limited to meeting people in your city. You can also take class with your childhood friend that lives in another state. The community aspect is amazing!

Prior to the pandemic, I pre-judged Virtual fitness classes having never taught or taken a class that way before. It was just different than what I was used to, but different doesn’t necessarily mean bad.  You now have the fun option to take your workouts wherever you are the most comfortable. Is the weather nice outside? Are you tired of being stuck inside working all day? Grab your laptop/iPad and put your mat on your porch or the grass and move your body in nature for an even more relaxing experience!  Try to have an open mind, and I truly believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. I have several clients who resisted trying virtual sessions for so long, but now that they have tried them, they actually prefer them.

I have been taking Pilates instruction from Alyssa including, private and group sessions for several years. Since Covid-19 I have been doing virtual Pilates sessions. I find this to be more beneficial. I am not distracted by other instructors or clients. I am better able to concentrate on my form and doing the exercise properly with Alyssa’s guidance. I plan to continue with virtual Pilates because I don’t have to travel and I have my full attention on Alyssa’s instruction.

~ Barbara H.

If you haven’t taken a virtual Pilates session yet, I highly recommend starting out with a Private session before joining a group class. This way you can get comfortable with getting set up with Virtual sessions and you don’t feel overwhelmed jumping right into a group class. I offer an Introductory Special of 3 private sessions for this very reason. These private sessions are a great opportunity for me to get to know you and your goals, and make sure that you feel supported on your path to wellness, all at a discounted rate! 

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