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You don't need to stretch more. You need a targeted approach to heal your hip pain for good from someone who's been there. 

Heal Your Hip Pain for Good!

Drop your info here for my free 30 minute  'Happy Hips' MAT PILATES Class for strong & healthy hips and let's heal your hips for good!

It's time to do more than just temporary, quick fixes and finally end your hip pain and tightness for good so that you...

Stop feeling pain in your hips & low back

Only dread sitting down for a work meeting because it should've been an email, not because of your hip & low back pain.

Feel the ease in your body that you felt in your 20s and 30s 

oh, hey there!

I’m Alyssa

The Pilates Instructor You've been searching for!

My biggest passion is understanding the human body and I want to use everything I've learned to help you feel stronger, freer, and limitless! Coming from a ballet background, I'm no stranger to injuries and the struggles of rehab, and having surgery at 17 led me to find Pilates and inspired me to do what I'm doing today.

With the help of Pilates, I've recovered from a torn hip labral cartilage, hip flexor tendinitis, hip surgery, snapping hips… I've been through it all. Whatever you're going through, you don't have to figure it out on your own!

Let's work together

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