Virtual Private Sessions


As either a current or former athlete or dancer, you don't workout like the average person.

It has to challenge you or you're out.

It also has to be smart and mindful, or you're out.

In fact, you've probably tried to do a random YouTube video and rolled your eyes and turned it off. 

You see, once you're a professional, you can only workout with another like-minded professional. Someone who not only understands what it's like to go through intense training, but also the overuse injuries that come along with it. 

Hi, I'm Alyssa and I will challenge you in ways that you didn't think your body was still capable of.

I know what you're thinking. "How can I workout like I used to with my old injuries coming back to haunt me?" But Pilates is adaptable and will not only get you stronger and give you the challenging workouts you've been searching for, but it will heal your injuries and get your body feeling the best it's ever felt!  I am living proof. Watching me move you would never know the injuries my body has been through, but Pilates is what healed me from everything and allows me to workout at the challenging intensity that I love. 

The beauty of private sessions is that everything is specific to your body and your goals.

here's what you'll get with private pilates sessions:


Get workouts specific to your body, injuries & health concerns.

The beauty of private sessions is that everything is customized to you. At the beginning of each session, I always ask how your body is feeling and adjust my plans accordingly. 
Are you pre/post-natal? Have hypermobility/ Ehlers Danlos? Have Osteoperosis? No matter your health issues, you never have to worry about if an exercise is appropriate for your body. 


All eyes are on you!

Have you ever been in a class and wondered if you're doing an exercise right or where you should feel an exercise? With a private session, you'll never worry again! I will have my eyes on you at all times, giving you detailed feedback personalized for YOU and making sure you get the most out of every exercise. But be warned... my clients call me Eagle Eye.


Reach your goals faster!

The workouts in a private session are specifically designed with your body and goals in mind compared to a general group class. 
Looking to cure your low back pain?
Prepare for a hiking trip? Run a marathon?
Are you a dancer looking to improve your leg extensions? 
Private sessions are what's going to get you there faster because we can really focus on your specific strengths and weaknesses. 


Rehab your injuries in a safe & supportive space

Rehab journeys are never easy and unfortunately have many ups and downs, which is why working 1:1 with an instructor is paramount. Stop ignoring your aches & pains by doing general workouts that aren't specific to you. Working privately with an instructor will help you finally get to the root cause of your problem. and ensure you're doing exercises appropriate for your body. 


Build a real connection & a friend for life

My clients are my family.  That's what happens when you work with people for years. With the connection that you build, you look forward to your workouts more, stay consistent, feel comfortable enough to ask me the questions about your body that you've always wanted answers to and you won't be too nervous to speak up if something doesn't feel good. 
Being in a comforting environment makes all the difference in reaching your fitness goals faster.  

“Alyssa has transformed not only my body, but also my spirit. Her depth of knowledge in anatomy and body mechanics as well as her passion for her profession are unparalleled."

Active, healthy and just 50 years old I thought I would be the last person to have to worry about a stroke, but it happened suddenly, and it left me with serious sequela.

During my recovery Alyssa encouraged me to work on my balance, strength, and proprioception, which in turn improved my quality of life and decreased the anxiety caused by the neurological symptoms post cerebrovascular accident. Alyssa possesses a unique ability to actively listen to her clients and match their specific needs, adapting to day to day challenges.  One of Alyssa’s best qualities is her supportive and compassionate nature in conjunction with her power to motivate others to achieve their maximum potential.  

Three years ago, I would have never believed that Pilates would deepen my mind-body connection, improve my body mechanics, and improve my body awareness. Alyssa never took “no” or “I can’t” for an answer and worked relentlessly to bring me where I am today.  I am grateful for her dedication to my physical and mental health and her efforts to make me a better, stronger version of myself.   

— Laura P.

“I had been feeling so burnt out with my content and literally one session with Athena changed everything.

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How    Works


You'll schedule a consultation

Let's get to know each other to make sure we are the right fit! Book a free connection call today!

You'll buy an Intro package

Work at your own pace with my undivided attention as you start to discover and experience the many benefits of Pilates. 

We'll create a plan together

Continue with Private sessions or group classes or a combo of both! 

& get you to feel your best!

Consistency is key to reaching your goals and seeing the results that you want. I will be the cheerleader you never knew you needed!

Jen G.

“I highly recommend Alyssa to anyone looking for a friendly, talented and supportive Pilates trainer.”

Her one-on-one personal approach has introduced me to strength and flexibility I never thought I could have.  One of her many strengths as a trainer is that she is very aware of my problem area (creaky knees), & always finds ways to modify and adapt the various Pilates work to still strengthen my legs without hurting my knees. Alyssa has a great sense of humor and an easy way about her, but she also makes sure I work to my fullest during each session.