Imagine receiving high quality, personalized Pilates training that gets your body in peak performance shape, no matter what stage of life you're in.

Whether you're a dancer or athlete wishing to enhance your performance, a rehab patient looking to heal and restore functional movement, or you simply wish to to turn back the clock and feel younger and healthier, let me help you build a healthy, balanced & resilient body that will sustain you for years to come! 

You're in the right place!

Move, heal, and de-stress in the comfort of your own home! Using Zoom or Facetime, you can now receive personalized Pilates instruction no matter where you live. Whether you just have a living room floor or a home Pilates studio, we can utilize what you have available so you can get the most out of your sessions.

This is a great fit for you if you are dealing with an injury/chronic pain  or have a specific goal you are working towards. 

Get the fun community aspect of a group class without the hassle of a commute! Location no longer dictates who you can take class with, so be sure to bring your friend whether near or far. 
Can't make it live? That's okay! You will be sent the recording, which you can do as many times as you want for one week. Virtual Mat Pilates and Virtual Reformer Pilates classes are both available!

This is a great fit for you if you are injury free and love the flexibility of also getting the recording to do in your spare time. 

There's a LOT that goes into a Pilates career - teaching, learning the art of programming, starting a business, and the learning curve of being an entrepreneur. The good news is that you don't have to do it alone!
Whether you're interested in a review session, help with a complex client, or long term mentorship- there is an option for you!

This is a great fit for you at any stage in your teaching career !

This is my 9 week program that will rebuild your hip health from inside out. The results speak for themselves - if you're experiencing hip discomfort, this is where to begin.

This is a great fit for you if you're experiencing tightness, achiness, pain, or snapping in your hips and want a trusted program to follow to get your hips feeling good again!

"She switches up the workouts so I’m never bored."

 I was worried about getting back into a workout routine after having my baby, but Alyssa has made it so easy. Not only did she offer virtual classes, but she switches up the workouts each class so that I never get bored. She is so good at gently correcting if you’re not in quite the right position and also offering alternatives for those with any existing injuries or pains. The day after class I can feel the exact muscles that we worked and they burn so good! I truly look forward to class each time and I would recommend her to anyone!

- Melanie S.

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“She is able to immediately get to the root of the problem.”

One of the main attributes that comes to mind with Alyssa is her ability to focus on my problem areas. If I go into a session with pain or tightness, she is able to immediately get to the root of the problem. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics shows in every session. She is quick to adjust the plan accordingly if needed. I always leave feeling better. I continually feel challenged and know that I am in the best shape I have ever been.  

- Amy M.

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“Her Depth of knowledge is unparalleled.”

Alyssa has transformed not only my body, but also my spirit. Her depth of knowledge in anatomy and body mechanics as well as her passion for her profession are unparalleled. Alyssa possesses a unique ability to actively listen to her clients and match their specific needs, adapting to day to day challenges.  

- Laura P.

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“She constantly creates purposeful, targeted workouts that are challenging & effective.”

I love my workouts with Alyssa! She's always in tune with my goals and objectives. Her workouts are specifically designed for each client. Alyssa is motivational, compassionate, patient, yet tough, pushing you to reach beyond your comfort zone to achieve your desired results.
…and her group classes rock!

- Tiffany D.

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“Working together has made an important difference in my life and my future health."

Alyssa is a very, passionate, caring and supportive instructor that tailors each and every class to help build your strength, to help you learn about your body and push you past your fears to achieve more. She believes in you and eventually you believe in yourself! I feel that our working together has made such an important difference in my life and my future health. I love the way Pilates has transformed my body! 

- Susan J.

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“I am able to do things now I’ve never been able to do before."

I began working with Alyssa during a very difficult illness. Alyssa patiently and with tremendous encouragement helped rebuild my body and spirit. I was amazed at her ability to see how to make the smallest of adjustments so that I was getting the most out of the exercise. I always walk away from our time together feeling stronger, more flexible and in a better mood! I am able to do things now I’ve never been able to do before and overall have far less body aches than ever before. I am tremendously grateful to Alyssa for her dedication, expertise and her ability to blend kindness with challenge. 

- Pam E.

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I'm all about...

A custom program geared specifically toward your needs is how you get results! Every one has different physical conditions, goals and reasons for doing Pilates and each body is unique in how it feels every day. 

a personalized approach

not generic workouts

I'm not one of those instructors that teaches every one the same program. Exercise and rehabilitation is not ‘one size fits all’ and should never be treated as such! 




Creative & Innovative



I believe that you deserve to practice and learn Pilates in an environment that makes you feel cared for, listened to and safe. I combine rehab, Pilates and anatomy expertise to provide a path towards pain free living.  

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