Virtual Group


Get your head out of the gutter! What I mean is Strength & Mobility focused Pilates Classes.

My classes are fun and will have you looking forward to your workouts. Choose between at-home Mat Pilates & at-home Reformer Pilates classes. They will push you, take you to the next level and completely transform your body. Most importantly, they will not only heal your body, but will also get you stronger than you ever thought possible. 

Let's have some fun!


Get an amazing workout no matter where you are in the world.

Virtual workouts have been a game-changer for my clients and being able to stay consistent.  You will get the recording of the class that you can repeat as many times as you want for a week.  Even if you can't make it live to a class, you can sign up and get the recording. You never have to miss a class again!


Have a teacher who knows your name, what your body needs & always plans class according to who signs up each week, not by what they feel like teaching.

Even in a group class, I personalize the workouts so I know my clients are getting exactly what they need out of them and am prepared for modifications for those who might need them.


Be encouraged to come off mute in the classes, give feedback & have fun!

Aren't you tired of just being another face on the screen? That's not how I do things. You're a real person! I want to know how you're doing during the class, make sure that nothing is causing pain. And yes, complaining is always welcome! If you don't do it, I know I will! 


Show up live and get corrections specific to your body.

Have you ever had a teacher that seems more into doing their workout when they teach? Class is supposoed to be about you not the teacher! I always demo the exercises so that everyone can follow along and see on the recording, but I also watch you and give corrections. You come to class for feedback on your body and alignment, not to see me suffer having to do my own workouts. Okay, maybe part of you wants to see me get a taste of my own medicine. 


Get variety in your workouts!

Every class is unique and I incorporate different small props to keep it interesting for everyone and to keep challenging you to build your strength.
Some small props I include:
Weights, rollers, mini-balls, bands, towels/sliders. 
*I always make sure the people who sign up have the prop I plan to use.  I recommend everyone at least has a band and weights. 

“I love how Alyssa designs the flow of the class & always makes the sessions challenging, efficient, and also safe for my body.“

I also love how she cues me to engage right groups of muscles and explains what I was doing wrong. She gives great and useful tips to help me improve my spinal articulation and strength.  Alyssa is an amazing instructor!

— Porsha W.

“I had been feeling so burnt out with my content and literally one session with Athena changed everything.

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Ready to join the fun Body Mechanics Community?

I can't wait to have you in class!

I highly recommend that you have Pilates experience prior to joining a group class. 

If you're brand new, take advantage of the
Introductory Special of 3 Private Sessions $270

Strength & Mobility on the Mat

This class will work on building your mind-body awareness as we strengthen, mobilize, and align, all the major joints in the body. Classes are appropriate for all levels and incorporate a blend of Pilates, barre, and functional bodyweight work. Class will have you experiencing a steady burn by bringing your attention to muscles you didn't know you had, as we work on restoring balance in the body.

Wednesday 5:00pm EST



*Classes will sometimes incorporate props such as- a Band, weights, sliders/towels. Modifications will be provided if you don't have equipment at home!

Melanie S.

“She switches up the workouts each class so that I never get bored.”

I was worried about getting back into a workout routine after having my baby, but Alyssa has made it so easy with her virtual classes. She is so good at gently correcting if you’re not in quite the right position and also offering alternatives for those with any existing injuries or pains. The day after class I can feel the exact muscles that we worked and they burn so good! I truly look forward to class each time and I would recommend her to anyone!

Not sure if a group class is right for you? Let's set up a time to chat and create a plan specific for you!