5 Tips to Make Your Virtual Pilates Sessions a Success

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Virtual Pilates sessions are new, and different for most of us, but you can still experience the amazing benefits of Pilates, and the best part is you can do it without the commute!

Below are some helpful tips to get you started and make sure your Virtual sessions run smoothly.

1.    Create your Workout Space

You need to find or create a place where you can easily fit a yoga mat. You may have to move things around and slide your coffee table out of the way, but pick a place where you feel comfortable working out. Now lie down on the mat. Can you straighten your legs and bring your arms overhead without hitting anything? Can you bring your arms out to the side in a T-Shape without hitting anything?  If you have room to do all of those things, you found a great spot! 

2.    Screen Placement

You want to place your laptop/tablet where you can easily see and hear me. You can even use wireless headphones if that helps you hear better!

The camera should be placed in a way that the entire mat can easily be seen so I can see your entire body. I prefer to be able to see you from a side view because it allows me to see the most and make corrections.

You can use your laptop which is easily adjustable, but sometimes using an iPad/tablet it can be a little harder to balance. I recommend the following stand that can hold your phone or tablet and can easily be tilted and turned from a portrait to landscape orientation.  CLICK HERE

3.    Have Your Props Nearby

Make sure to have your props nearby so your sessions run smoothly. Some clients buy a little bin that they can store their equipment in when they are not using them. This way they can easily get everything set up and put things away when the workout is finished.

For my group classes, I always send out an email with the zoom link and the props we will be using the night before so you can be prepared. For my group classes I recommend that everyone at least has a band, weights, and sliders/towels. This adds variety to the classes, and also helps with modifications if they are needed.

If you are doing private sessions, you don’t necessarily need props because the workout is catered specifically to you, but they do help add variety and options to make certain exercises more accessible and sometimes to add an extra challenge. This is something that we can discuss in your sessions, because I want to make sure you get what you need and sometimes props can really help you get results. There are regular household items that we can use as well, such as dish towels, water bottles, cans of beans, and chairs, to name a few.

If you are interested in purchasing more props, click HERE for my amazon store that is filled with all of my favorite props!

4.    Get Zoom Set Up

You will need to download the latest Zoom software before your session. Use a laptop or iPad/tablet with high speed internet connection, or have a direct ethernet connection. You can of course use your phone, but it will be harder to see me!

Step 1: Download the Zoom app to your laptop, phone, or tablet/iPad.

Download Zoom for Phone/Tablet

Download Zoom Desktop (for Windows or Mac)

Step 2: After you’ve registered for a class/private session, you will receive an email the evening before your session containing the Zoom link and password to your classThis will allow you to connect with me over video so you can see me demonstrate exercises if needed and I can see you moving to give cues and corrections. If you are in a group class, you can of course turn your camera off if you are uncomfortable, but I would love to see you so I can give corrections.

Step 3:  Click the link provided to join the session at least five minutes before class time. This helps with any possible technical issues. You may see a message that you have to wait in the waiting room for the session to begin. Don’t worry, I will be there shortly!

5.    Have fun & Be Open Minded!

I know the thought of a virtual Pilates session is strange. I thought so too when I heard some instructors were teaching virtually pre-pandemic. But the truth is, virtual sessions are just different from what the norm has been. Different doesn’t necessarily mean worse, it just means new! I have seen my clients improve so much since starting them. Try to have an open mind and focus on how your body feels. Pilates is your happy hour after all! Enjoy being able to workout from anywhere. Enjoy not having to sit in traffic to get to and from your workouts. Enjoy working out in your pajamas (yes, I really have clients who stay in their pjs for their workouts).

And remember, if it makes you feel more comfortable you can always turn your video off for a group class. The truth is though, everyone is focused on their own workout and no one is watching or judging you. Their eyes are on me as I teach the class. Keeping the screen on helps the me make adjustments to your form, but I of course want you to be comfortable first and foremost.

If you haven’t taken a virtual Pilates session yet, I highly recommend starting out with a Private session before joining a group class. This way you can get comfortable with getting set up with Virtual sessions and you don’t feel overwhelmed jumping right into a group class. I offer an Introductory Special of 3 private sessions for this very reason. These private sessions are a great opportunity for me to get to know you and your goals, and make sure that you feel supported on your path to wellness, all at a discounted rate! 

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